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New Siam Food Limited Partnership

History of New Saim Food

New Saim Food was established on July 30, 1990. The Factory is located on 48/18 Soi Ngern U-Dom 1 Moo 3 Bang-Cheuck-Nung , Talingchan, Bangkok. It was started as a family Business of the capacity 720 litre/day. At the first stage the products were supplied for Local customer in the area of China town and nearby and using the policy of making a very good relationship with the customer by exchanging goods each other. The company bought raw material from the customers and sold the products in return. The most important policy is to produce good quality products with reasonable price. That's why the products were well-known rapidly.

In 1991, the company set up sale teams both in Bangkok and other cities so the products were spread out all over Thailand. The business has been growing dramatically. In 1992, The company started to be sale representative for the products of other manufacturers for example, fish sauce, vinegar, lemon juice, preserved garlic juice, deep flied garlic, etc. so the company's revenues has been greatly increase since then.

Nowadays, our factory has been moved to new location at 84/1 Moo 5 , Nongdindeang- Sakratium Rd. Meung District, Nakornprathom on the area of over 3 acres. The main product that produced at our factory is oyster sauce of different brands, such as TalaeNgarm(Beautiful Sea), Nokdum(Black Bird), Nokfah(Sky Bird), Noktalae(Sea Bird) and Nok K.S.

Marketing Plan

The company divides the market into 2 area :
1. Bangkok and Suburbs
2. Other cities

All of the sale representatives are Credit Sale system. The target markets include Wholesaler and Retailer in Bangkok area, But in other cities, Wholesalers are the main targets. The market share, both in Bangkok and other cities , is approximately 50 % for oyster sauce (pack in Gallon) at the moment.

As a Manufacturer and Distributor for over 20 years, Now, we supply more than 25,000 liter/day. We have been supplied the best quality and standard products, since we emphasis on inspection and testing in every step of processing to produce the highest hygienic product for the safety of consumers. We have been approved by the Ministry of Public health on GMP standard since July 5, 2003 and obtained a GMP certificate of food manufacturing facility on GMP certification program.

For the market share, we try to increase via different channels include:

4. Wholesaler
5. Retailer
6. Food Courts, Restaurants, Hotels, Industries, etc.

For the production capability, We move from 720 liter/day to 25,000 liter/day over 20 years. We have a capability to increase the production rate on the demand of the market, because we still have 50 % of production area left in our factory.

Table of Production Capability

Year Production rate (liter/day) Growth rate(%)
1990 720 -
1991 1500 108
1992 2500 37
1993 3500 40
1994 4500 29
1995 5600 24
1996 7000 25
1997 8400 20
1998 9100 8
1999 12600 38
2000 15100 20
2001 17650 17
2002 20800 18
2003 25000 20

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